More of what I have said before, but said with vocabulary and evidence.
The left is my natural home. But the sexism so often prevelent is driving me away.

A Thousand Flowers

In early 2012 I wrote a dissertation about an issue that had constantly plagued my political experiences from the minute I got involved in the Scottish far left when I was 16 years old. It’s a problem that continues to dominate my experience of politics and one which we are committed to exploring and giving voice to at A Thousand Flowers. Put simply, the issue is that the left is a cesspit of sexist behaviours, attitudes and people. Women come and go (often unnoticed or derided by ‘active’ activists) because of the strength of this current in the left, and the ones who stay often experience extreme burnout and mental health issues.

It’s an issue I’m certain is central to many women’s experiences of activism across the world. But I felt that in Scotland we had a special story to tell, because to me it is clear that gender remains…

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